Certified Country

We are ranchers, true stewards of the land, we follow regenerative land practices. We are 100% committed to the idea that the healthiest and tastiest cow is raised simple and clean. The cattle raised on our ranch same fashion as they have been for generations. Real food is not synonymous with fast food, and our delicious beef cannot be rushed. We know that nature, and one’s connection to it, is the roadmap to creating delicious and healthy food.

We care that once upon a time, a man's word was all that was required. We disagree with most things commodity and believe that food should be rich in honesty and integrity.  Our intimate knowledge of cattle, and the vast grasslands they roam was passed down to us from our forefathers, through the kind of wisdom that only sweat and callous can provide. It' no secret that the happiest and healthiest cattle need organically healthy soil to nurture rich grass. That is our choice and commitment. Nothing has changed about the way we raise our cattle, only the times.

Certified Country. Believe in Better.

The cleanest and most flavorful beef on earth, is because we are the source, the process, and the vision for amazing food.