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I first read about Carter Country Meats in Aaron Franklin’s book on steak and was fascinated by their story and method and I had to try it. Their Instagram account proved to be the best way to stay abreast of news and as soon as I could order I did. The marbling on the steaks were incredible and the flavor was deeply beefy. The customer service is great too and I’m happy to support a small family business. I look forward to being a longtime customer.

CCM Customer, Philip Nashund

The Carter Country Meat experience is exceptional. Not only is the meat they raise and butcher the best I’ve had, their customer service is fantastic!  I highly recommend them not only to friends and family, but also to anyone looking for incredible meat from an incredible company. 

CCM Customer, Tim Masselink

I purchase a lot of beef both locally and from online seller and I can say with certainty that Carter Country Meats delivers the finest product I have found anywhere. We make Picadillo at home every week - it's one of our family staples. I'll never forget the first time we used Carter Country ground beef in the recipe because my family was almost in shock about how incredible it tasted.  Beef from Carter Country is simply on another level when it come to look, feel, texture and flavor and I can't recommend it highly enough.  I also find it rewarding to buy from a company that does right by the world when it comes environmental stewardship, respect for animals and a commitment to sustainability.

CCM Customer, Christopher Block

100% satisfied with the service that we received from Carter Country Meats. Tina was absolutely amazing to work with and went above and beyond for our partner Christmas gifts. Our partners couldn’t stop saying how awesome their yeti meat packs were! We will definitely be coming back for any other special gifts that we need. Thank you!

CCM Customer, Victoria Henke w/Cornerstone Home Lending – Corporate Gifts

I first heard of Carter Country Meats during Mark Carter’s interview on the Cleared Hot podcast.  Mark was ostensibly on the show to be interviewed about his career as a professional snowboarder, but it was immediately clear there was much more to Mark than being an extreme sports action hero.  Mark spoke eloquently of his families’ origin in Wyoming and the hard, honest life of a rancher.  He spoke passionately about his grandparents, his own parents and his brother’s commitment to the land and their animals.  Hearing stories of the Carter family traditions and connection to the land had me signing up to become a Carter Country Meats customer before I had even finished listening to the podcast.  And I was not disappointed.  The beef made for the freshest and most flavorful meal I had ever experienced.  Combine the beauty of the product with best in class customer service and an ingenious partnership with Yeti and the result is near perfection.  I became interested in Carter Country Meats through a podcast interview but became a customer for life after actually tasting and experiencing the end product.  Try Carter Country Meats as soon as you can.  No other beef compares!

CCM Customer, Josh Gonnella
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