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Drop Off Refills

Drop off your cooler and we'll fill it!


1. Email us at info@cartercountrymeats.com to let us know when you'll be dropping off your cooler.

2. Drop off cooler at the location below.

3. Fill out registration tag including how many lbs you would like us to fill. Attach tag to your cooler, tear off your number for reference at pickup.

4. Leave the cooler at the front desk. We will contact you to confirm pick up date and time.

Carter Country Meats C/O Stillman Wholesale
620 East 52nd Ave.
Denver CO, 80216

Drop off: M-F 6am to 5pm
Pick up: Tuesday 2pm-6pm


1. Once your pick-up time has been emailed, arrive at the same location you dropped off your cooler.

2. We will collect payment from you at this time.

3. Share your adventures with Carter Country Meats by tagging us on instagram! @cartercountrymeats

4. Enjoy your award winning beef!

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