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Whole striploin cut of beef on slab

45 Day Dry Aged Striploin

$95.00 Sale price

Beef aficionados will need to fasten their seat belts for this one! We proudly present our finest work. 100% grass fed and finished with exceptional marbling, this is the rarest beef steak in America!!! Harvested from the back of a mature animal raised in Ten Sleep Wyoming, we honored this animal by dry aging this amazing steak, in a special wooden facility for an additional 45 days. This steak exhibits a bold and intense flavor, along with a great bite, leading to a one of a kind eating experience.

The Striploin is where the New York Strip Steak comes from. These Striploins have been partitioned into 1 lb sections that are 2" wide each.

Our Prime Cuts

Due to high demand, we are now offering a small selection of our highest end cuts for sale individually. These muscles are the creme de la creme when it comes to our Double Aged steaks - the rarest beef on earth, packed with unmatched flavor. Keep an eye on this section of the site as we will be rotating the cuts as new steaks become available.

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