The Yeti Cooler Pack

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You know that feeling when you open a giant box to receive a small product you’ve ordered, and you receive a pile of plastic, tape, styrofoam, and cardboard. It's disheartening to carry all that waste to the garbage.

Living in the middle of nowhere, we order a lot online and are on a first name basis with the delivery driver. It has always bothered me how much waste surrounds the product we’ve ordered.

Problem: There are too many resources wasted with the shipping of temperature-sensitive foods, ie foam cooler.

Solution: We have teamed up with Yeti! We minimize our landfill and carbon footprint and free up resources by reusing their amazing coolers as the shipping vessel for our delicious beef!

All of our meat is deliciously marbled, 100% range grass fed and finished, double-aged beef.

We have determined that the only sustainable way to sell beef is based on what cuts comprise the whole animal. Because some boxes are too small to include one of each cut, Nate has categorized the cuts into similar groups. Using this breakdown, each box includes a representative percentage of the whole animal. All of which are amazingly delicious! We are currently sold out of beef, feel free to contact us to add your name to our newsletter!