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Cow Share Program

Investing in whole beef has never been easier with our new service. Our new program is exclusive to those residing in the Denver, Colorado area who are choosing to make a long-term investment in nutrient-dense food.

We are your food bank, save and rest knowing you have nutrient-dense food security.  Invest in bulk beef and we will provide the insured freezer space and delivery to your door as you pull from your investment.

Our beef is currently ranked as one of the most nutrient-dense and flavorful beef in the United States.

  • 70% more essential amino acids than average grass-finished beef
  • Omega 6:3 fatty acid ratio is considered 3x more healthy
  • 239% more phytonutrient density than the average grain-finished beef.

All 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and Whole Cow arrive delivered in the form of our Big Horn Boxes.

A true representation of whole animal butchery with insured cold storage in our facility that is also available to you for pick up and delivery in 10 lb. increments all flash frozen to preserve freshness. 

You'll work directly with our Account Manager to receive your double-aged, nutrient-dense beef to have quantities shipped directly to your doorstep at the frequency you require. 

Skip the packers, feedlots, and the grocery store and buy direct from us: one of the most nutrient-dense beef sources in the country. ( BioNutrient Food Association Research Study )

All meat on a cow is delicious, and all cuts have similar but different benefits and properties, therefore they have to be prepared accordingly.   While our Ribeyes are amazing, if that is all one eats, you are missing the experience and benefits of the whole animal.

Learn more about our process by reading our "Double-Aged Beef" blog post in our Red Dirt Diaries.


What are the available quantity options for PICKUP & DELIVERY in the Denver, Co Area?

1/8 Cow = 50 lbs.
1/4 Cow = 90 lbs.
1/2 Cow = 180 lbs.
Whole Cow = 360 lbs.

What cuts are in my Big Horn Box investment?

A representative portion of the cuts and grinds from the whole animal. We utilize a sustainable whole-cow model, where we utilize almost all parts of the cow. This allows for minimal waste and a more diverse experience of the animal that provides appropriate minerals, phytonutrients, and metabolites.

What is the difference in cost if I pick it up in my cooler, vs. picking it up in your Big Horn Box vs. Home Delivery?

Quantity PICKUP your Cooler PICKUP our Big Horn Box Home Delivery
1/4, 1/2 or
Whole Cow
$13 per lb.
$14 per lb.
$15 per lb.

What if I don't have freezer storage, can I still secure my investment now?

Yes. You may place your order with your dedicated Account Manager who will coordinate the details of your pick-up and delivery. 

What if I need to make a change or pause any scheduled deliveries or pick-ups because of a life event, work, school, holiday, etc? 

Your investment resides in our state-of-the-art insured storage freezer area. If any changes are needed, please reach out so we may accommodate them accordingly.

May I add additional cuts to my pick-up or delivery order at any time?

You may order any individual cuts through our website at any time. We offer a referral program for our loyal customers as well. Please inquire with your dedicated Account Manager, if you feel passionate about the value of nutrient-dense food sources and supporting regenerative agriculture with friends and family and we will send you information to get involved.

Interested? Let your account manager know!

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