Certified Country

All Grass-fed/Finished or Grass-fed/Slow Grain Finished, Hormone and Antibiotic Free, Double Aged cattle raised by us our friends and neighbors.
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Nutrient Rich Meats

These cattle spend the duration of their lives roaming bio-dynamically active soils, nurturing the native vegetation through nutrient cycling. We trust nature will feed a beef that has a profoundly distilled flavor profile and nutrient dense composition.
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Open Grazing

Carter Ranch is nestled in the western slope of the Big Horn Mountains. 45,000 wild acres, fed by twenty-seven natural springs, a mosaic of juniper, sagebrush, red dirt and limestone cliffs. Some of the finest natural rangeland in the world.
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“Respectfully living way out in the sticks, ordering online is so handy. We are grateful for the convenience, but recognize the massive amount of waste generated through shipping and packaging . We aspire to innovate the process, by eliminating the prolific drain on our resources and operate responsibly.”

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