Art of Butchery

we implement whole animal butchery.

Old school butchery is waining an art form, folks who have dedicated there lives to finding a value for the whole animal, nose to tail.

We practice what we preach and implement whole animal butchery, headed by some of the best in the business.

There’s a lot more to a beef carcass than ribeyes and tenderloin.

There are so many amazing cuts that have historically been ground into hamburger.

Different cuts have individual qualities and need to be prepared accordingly.

Life Dedication

Nate is a fifth-generation Wyomingite, born near Yellowstone Park. He grew up hunting, fishing, working on the farm, and eating off the land by ne- cessity. His father is a butcher who runs a road- house, bar and restaurant in their hometown of Cody, WY. Nate met Chef Hosea Rosenberg while attending Culinary School of the Rockies in Boulder, CO, and has worked with Rosenberg for a decade. Nate has dedicated his life to the art of butchery.


We work closely with our butchers to make use of the entire carcass, and strive for no waste.

This is all part of the natural cycle.