CRAFT Butchery

whole animal butchery

Old school butchery is a waning art form, craftsman who have dedicated theirs lives to honoring life through death. Headed by one of the best in the business, we focus on enriching lives by respectfully finding value in the whole animal, nose to tail.

There’s more to a beef carcass than ribeyes and tenderloin - Nate singer

We are within an industry the continues to pinch the farmer and rancher. Our mission is to increase our animals value by educating our people on the many amazing beef options.  Different muscles have individual qualities and need to be prepared accordingly.

Flavor is in the fat

Nate Singer, is head butcher and cofounder of Carter Country Meats. A fifth-generation Wyoming boy. Nate grew up working on the family farm, hunting and fishing the mountains and rivers near Yellowstone Park. Raised in an old way, his father, also a butcher, fed his passion for clean food and butchery as his craft. He has dedicated his to life to honoring the animal through the art of butchery.

buck the trend

We have no problem going against the grain, driven to share our vision of an earthy trust. Only sharing food that will nourish your body, mind and soul. And taste damn good in the process!