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Carter country meats box next to stacked cut wood on pallet in outdoor forest setting
Various raw loose and packaged cuts on slab.
Various raw loose and packaged beef cuts on slab

Big Horn Boxes

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Big Horn Boxes are a consumers’ delight.  A true representation of whole animal butchery that is possible with limited cold storage.  5, 10, or 20 lbs of double-aged, nutrient-dense beef delivered directly to your doorstep. Skip the packers, feedlots, and the grocery store and buy direct.

We are your ranchers and we promise to deliver some of the highest quality, nutrient-dense beef on the planet. It is our mission to heal soil and soul through our double-aged beef.  

The food system has it backwards, quality food has to support the producers first, otherwise we have to  focus on short term gains.

That mindset limits decisions to benefit long term soil health. 1 animal can be turned into 100’s of inventory parts at the butcher, complicating the system and process.

All meat on a cow is delicious, and all cuts have similar but different benefits and properties, therefore they have to be prepared accordingly.   While our Ribeyes are amazing, if that is all one eats, you are missing the experience and benefits of the whole animal.

Learn more about our process by reading our "Double-Aged Beef" blog post in our Red Dirt Diaries.

All of our beef is flash frozen to preserve freshness.  

*8 and 28lb burger boxes come in patty form*

All Big Horn Boxes come with FREE SHIPPING to all 50 states in the USA. 

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