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Big Horn Boxes
Big Horn Boxes
Big Horn Boxes
Big Horn Boxes

Big Horn Boxes

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In these uncertain times, we all ask what we can do to help our neighbors. Our family would like to help lighten the burden by extending special pricing and packages to cover your food needs over the coming weeks and months. We are extending special pricing on whole animal butchery packages (5, 10, and 20lbs). We will also be offering discounted grass-fed burger packages (7 and 28 lbs). All packages come with FREE SHIPPING. All Bighorn Boxes will ship 2-Day Air in recycled, insulated cardboard packaging.


Box contents differ depending on our current inventory of cuts and grinds. Please read the section below for a detailed look into how we pack each Big Horn Box with whole animal butchery in mind.

We ship out once a week, every Tuesday. Order cutoff for Tuesday delivery is the prior Friday at end of day.

Boxes may include Summer Sausage and Hot Links, which contain milk as a binding agent. If you are lactose intolerant or have a food allergy to lactose, please note this in your order notes, and we will replace all sausage with ground beef and burger.

What's in the box?

The beef you receive in your Big Horn Box will be based on a representative percentage of the whole animal butchery breakdown of a full cow.  We categorize our cuts and grinds into three categories, explained below. 

TIER 1: Top Level Steaks - These cuts are the best of the best. Hand picked, Top grade, perfectly marbled, rare, and exceptional taste.

Cuts: 45 Day Dry Aged Ribeye Tomahawk, Fillet Mignon, Flat Iron, 45day dry aged New York
Steaks from this tier represent 15% of your Bighorn Box. 

TIER 2: Secondary Muscles / Steaks - These are the working muscles of the cow, known for exceptional flavor and good tenderness. These are my favorite cuts having the perfect balance of flavor and intramuscular fat. These cuts are best cooked whole and sliced for a family. More flavor / less tender. 

Cuts: Tri Tip, Culotte, Flank, Skirts, Denver Steaks, Hanging Tender, Top Sirloin
Steaks from this tier represent 35% of your Bighorn Box.

TIER 3: Ground Beef / Sausage / Stew - These are your everyday products. Easy to eat and cook, great for a large group, taste the flavor of our fabricated products. All products are made with 100% CC beef. All products have a minimum dry age of 14 days.

Cuts / Grinds: Hamburger Patties, Loose Ground Burger Hot Links, Summer Sausage, Stew Meat, dog treats and food when we make it
Products from this tier represent 50% of your Bighorn Box.

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