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Country Certified

We are your Ranchers, true stewards of the land! “Do no harm” is a large responsibility, so we are 100% focused on raising and sourcing beef that supports the path and the future of soil and soul . Certified Country is our standard and the new bar defining high-quality nutrient-dense beef. With an emphasis on Regenerative and Restorative management and practices. We choose to empower you as the consumer, to not trust a label, but rather trust yourself and your experience of consuming some of the most nutrient-dense beef on the planet! We produce beef that has been verified as some of the most nutrient-dense beef in the country.

Honest Food from Honest People

The arid mountain west possesses a tough yet fragile ecosystem, climate and topography, and it supports some of the most powerful grasses in the world. Putting our responsibility to the land 1st, and evolving information and education, we can only commit to doing better than the day before. In a world that extracts from the soil to fill bank accounts, we walk forward knowing that our life's work is who we choose to become as individuals connected to a whole, and what matters is what we leave for future generations.

The Taste of Tradition

We hang our hat on the premise that best tasting beef has to be raised slowly and with respect to the truth, which is nature. Because nutrient density goes hand in hand with flavor and aroma, soil health has to be our focus. It cannot be greenwashed or faked. Our knowledge of cattle and the vast grasslands they roam was instilled by our forefathers. Bucking the trend by investing in nature's lessons, we only harvest older animals of 4 to 14 years of age. Like a fine wine, our beef gets better with age.


Our double-aged, nutrient-dense beef is raised in accordance with the laws of nature. It is considered the rarest, healthiest, and most flavorful beef in the world and your pallet will confirm just that.

It's All about the fat

A human can starve on protein, so we focus on the fat. Fat is fuel, where animals store nutrients and toxins. To produce the cleanest, most nutrient-dense fat, animals need to spend many years harvesting the seed of the native landscape. Our bodies respond to the natural elements and knowledge only held in the grass.

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