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Old school butchery is a waning art form where skilled craftsmen used the WHOLE ANIMAL with total respect, skill, and precision. Focusing on finding complete value in the whole animal, nose to tail.
Commercial food models have perpetuated that the best cuts only come from the loin region on beef and that uniformity and one size fits all is the trajectory. This works great in the well-oiled machine that is corporate food but goes against the grain of nature.

Every animal is unique, which should be celebrated. People come in all shapes and sizes, and so do animals.
While our ribeyes are amazing, if that is all one eats, you are missing the experience and benefits of the whole animal.
One animal can be turned into so many amazing cuts at the butcher. Steaks are considered the creme de creme, because of prep time and tenderness. Many tough cuts are underutilized and ground into burgers when they would be best used with a diversity of cooking techniques, which take less effort than the grill. Crock pots, braising, and sous vide unlock the potential of so many cuts with more of a bite. All cuts of beef have similar but different benefits and properties, therefore they have to be prepared accordingly.

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Learn more about the art of craft butchery and visit our destination restaurant in the heart of Ten Sleep, Wyoming. One Cow is the first drive-thru of its kind serving mouth-watering grass-fed and finished entrees, breakfast burritos, organic bulk treats, and individual cuts right in our store. Follow @1cow_tensleep on Instagram & be sure to let us know you stopped in!

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