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NY Strip cut of beef on slab with steak knife 45 Day Dry Aged NY Strip



Whole beef brisket on slab Brisket



Marbled beef ribeye tomahawk cut of steak attached to rib bone on slab alongside seasoning Dry Aged Ribeye Tomahawk



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cut filet mignon steak next to whole filet, garnish, and salt on slab Filet Mignon



whole beef tenderloin roast on a slab with seasonings Whole Tenderloin Roast



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whole beef flatiron steak on a slab Whole Flatiron



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Bavette cut of beef on slab Bavette



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Whole beef heart on slab Heart



tri tip cut of beef steak on a slab Tri Tip Steak



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Coulotte cut of beef on slab Coulotte Steak



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Whole Chuckeye Roast cut of beef on slab Chuck Eye



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2 large skirt whole skirt steaks on a slab with a cup of spices and a knife Skirt Steak



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Delmonico cut of beef on slab Delmonico



cut pieces of whole denver beef steak on a slab Whole Denver Steak



small pile of cut beef stew meat on a slab Stew Meat



Four stacked slices of beef liver next to seasoning on a slab Liver



whole beef cow tongue on a slab with garnish and seasoning Tongue



Well marbled ribeye cut of beef on slab Dry Aged Ribeye 103


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Whole flank steak with seasoning and knife on slab Double Aged Flank Steak



Small pile of oxtail cut of beef on a slab Oxtail


Single beef short rib  on a slab Short Rib


All New Cuts this week, cheek meat in text with beef cuts and seasoning on slab Cheek Meat


Small pile of light yellow beef kidney fat on slab Keto Pack


Slices of cooked beef pastrami on a slab Pastrami


text: all new cuts this week whole top sirloin roast background cut grilled roast on a cutting board with garnish and seasoning next to a knife and fork Whole Top Sirloin Roast


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Small pile of cut beef fajita meat on slab Fajita Meat


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text all new cuts this week top sirloin steak (whole top sirloin roast) background photo of steak cuts on a cutting board with salt and garnish alongside a butcher knife Top Sirloin Steak


Teres Major Teres Major


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Bone in Ribeye Bone in Ribeye


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